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TINA B. – The Prague Contemporary Art Festival 09: A NEW ERA

Elena Bajo Nothing more than a theatre of fluctuating ideas and echoes of future moments (a new refutation of time) 2009


October 8 - October 25, 2009

Curators: BBB Johanes Deimling,
Blanca De la Torre, Paulina Kolczynska, and Greyzone

Director: Monika Burian

Exhibition Venues: Stone Bell House, Pedestrian Zone Prikopech and Ovokni TRH, Vernon Gallery, Vernon City, Park Hotel Praha, Alternative Space Delnicka

TINA B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival

Janovskeho 23
Prague 7, 170 00
Czech Republic
+420 774 155 591

The Prague Contemporary Art Festival is an international contemporary art project, which strives to combine the creative energy of the cultural scene in Central and Eastern Europe with emerging talents and trends from around the world. TINA B. is held under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

An acronym for “This Is Not Another Biennial”, TINA B. is also the personification of a fictitious character, the festival’s enigmatic female patron.


COM&COM, Christoph Draeger, Elena Bajo, Federico Solmi, Ivan Navarro, Jenny Marketou, Johannes Gees, Chus García Fraile, Olaf Breuning, Nina Sobell, Warren Neidich, Yves Netzhammer, Oliver Husain, Guy Ben-Ner, Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir, Edgardo Aragón Díaz, Avi Mograbi, Ronnie Bass, Roee Rosen, Hassan Sharif, Zbigniew Libera, Jiri Kovanda, Mauro Cuppone, Jacob Ouillette, Santiago Montoya, Tomas Spevak, Dita Havrankova, Marketa Hlinovska, Daniel Hanzlík, Andrea Bianconi, Valerio Beruti, Jens Becker, SEMP, Katja Loher, Selina Trepp, Franz Gratwohl, Victorine Muller, Marion Ritzmann, Enrico Centonze, Milan Houser, Ron Rocco, Lauri Lyons, Paolo Cirio, Shahar Marcus, Basim Magdy, Zoë Walke and Neil Bromwich, Petra Valentová, Dana Sederowsky, Antonio Pilade, Barbara Rosenthal.


The 4th annual Festival TINA B. will be held from October 8 till October 25 2009 and like the 2008 show will again present new and avante garde media. The premier event of the Festival will be a week of special performances and visual installations. The showcsase event of the Contemporary Art TINA B. Festival is the NEW ERA project which introduces visitors to art pieces from at least three selected countries. In 2008 Festival presented art pieces from Japan, Korea, USA and Italy. The 2009 festival highlights Israel, Switzerland and the Middle East. There will be approximately 50 artists displaying their art and also 7 curator projects.

The pivotal theme of TINA B. Festival 2009 is epitomized by the phrase NEW ERA. This conception underlines the festival´s determination to explore relations and connections between new experimental forms of artistic expression and the wider cultural and social conjunctions and contexts. The NEW ERA can be conceptualized by the fusion of ideas from our current period of seismic changes in society, nature, civilization as a consequence of human consciousness; creatively linking new modes of thinking. NEW ERA will take you by surprise by demonstrating a potenital future or, alternatively in a comletely unexpected fashion, by demonstrating a new kind of new progressive recycling of old forms and their transformations into the shapes of new world where revolution is proceeding not on the surface of the Earth but under the surface of substance itself.

The 2008 TINA B. show centered on the theme of involvement reflecting the unfortunate fatal period of the Czech history., The 2009 NEW ERA event sheds light on new aspects (perspectives) which were set in motion by the Velvet revolution in 1989. It deals not only with the topic of the overthrow of the past political regime and the return of freedom to the Czech Republic but also on a symbolic level exposes the new way of thinking and a new sensitivity connected with the possibilities of free movement, travelling, study abroad, praxis, etc.

The fourth year of TINA B. festival will shed light on the role of contemporary art and artistic activity regarded as a social-cultural component which is not only critical towards community ordering but above all it has a curative and positive effect as well. Festival TINA B. perceives art as a motive force bringing people back to a self reflective and contemplative state of mind over the direction of current world, whether on the local or global level, as a factor that strengthens the democratic society and its ability to face up the extreme political and societal phenomena; a pledge against an oppression of democratic principles and civil rights and as an indicator of a healthy society and culture at the same time.

Festival TINA B. ranks among the most prominent events introducing the contemporary art on the international scale for its focus on art in public spaces and new creative media as digital, mobile and internet technologies.


TINA B. Artist Coordinator
Lucie Černá
+420 773 915 504

TINA B. PR Manager
Markéta Faustova
+420 773 915 501

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